Poorly laptop..

It has been several days since I have blogged and I do have an explanation…honest!

Two nights ago I nodded off in front of my laptop (this is a regular occurrance these days…lol) .  Unfortunately I also had a glass of water in my hand and was awakened to the sound of trickling water; quickly noticing I had given my laptop a bath!  I quickly tipped the laptop and watched as the water ran out of the laptop and thought…”I’m glad it wasn’t pop or any other sugared drink” and reckoned given a couple of days the laptop would dry out and everything would be fine….WRONG!  😦

I am covered by accidental damage insurance thankfully….that’s the good news.

The laptop is being picked up today by courier and will be taken to Dell for an MOT…but the  bad news is they will have up to 10 days to sort it out.  There are so many parts inside my laptop that could be damaged that it cannot be a house call…so into the workshop it goes.

So….I will miss not being able to post on my blog page as often as I intended 😦    But I will be back, you can count on that.

Happy Wednesday to all.  xx


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