I am retired (along with my hubby) after many years as a newsagent in the UK, selling our business in April 2009.  We have quite a few lazy days now (no complaints from me) and enjoy days out in the lovely English countryside.  We emigrated to my husband’s homeland (the UK) in 1983 with our then young son and daughter, from Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

Fast forward to 2011 and we are now grandparents to our daughter’s 4 children (aged 5 yrs. to 11 yrs.).  Our adult son has recently returned from living in Canada for the last two years and is now living with us once again.

We enjoy our garden which we developed last summer (2010) and both hubby and I very much enjoy spending time on our laptops.  I’ve recently taken up reading on my Kindle (a birthday gift from hubby).  I spend time on Pinterest, enjoy baking, cooking and gardening.

Three years ago after several years on anti-depressants I had a breakdown and was hospitalized for 4 months.  I am recovered now and have much empathy for those who live with mental illness.  We are supportive parents of LGBT people, being mom and dad to our gay son.

My most favourite place on earth is Bowen Island, B.C. where I spent much of my childhood.  I do miss it….although the UK is a place bursting with beautiful scenery, cottages…..a green and pleasant land.

Oh…and not to be left out….we have a kitty cat called Lucy….a much-loved member of our family, adopted from the Cats’ Protection League one year ago.  No doubt you’ll hear about her in future blogs.


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