I’ve recently …


I’ve recently been in hospital with gallbladder/gallstones and while there I was told my platelet levels were unacceptably low (in the teens but going to 40 some of the time).  This means keyhole surgery has to be put on hold until the haematologist can investigate the cause of the low platelets and my pernicious anaemia.  Thankfully the gallbladder is behaving itself and I’ve not had another attack…whew!  

While in hospital it was noted that my mobility was poor (at the time I was using one walking stick).  I was referred for physiotherapy for my osteoporosis but this has been unsuccessful and I’m now referred back to the hospital for more advanced treatment.  Coupled with this I have had a home assessment by a representative of the local Knowsley Council and I have all sorts of equipment and some modifications to our home as a result.

This is something new to me, accepting the extent of my disability, although I am most grateful to the NHS and Knowsley Council for their provision at no cost to me.  I am temporarily using 2 walking sticks but will soon have a walker with wheels amongst other apparatus…..oh the joy of getting older!

I have decided the only approach to all of this is to accept my limitations and go with the flow.  Do what I enjoy, and am able to do and keep smiling and happy!

As a get well, cheery surprise I received a most beautiful bouquet of flowers from Lisa & Alex, whose adventures I am following on their blog.  They are travelling to many locations on the globe, having a “marriage ceremony” according to local customs and it is such fun to look at their photos and read on their blog about all their travels and encounters.  Their journeys will be at least 2, if not 3 years.  At the conclusion of their travels they will choose one location from all those visited to hold their ‘real/official” wedding.  Here is a link to their blog should you want to visit and share their travels, along with Peggy (their trusty van) and Tabitha (the beautiful wedding gown gifted to Lisa for her first ‘marriage ceremony’ in Didsbury (nr. Manchester, UK).




INTRODUCING LUCY, our family kitty It is just over a year since we adopted our precious bundle from the Cat’s Protection League…and she is definitely “my” kitty. Our grandkids have only ever seen a fleeting glimpse of Lucy as she scarpers as soon as she hears the commotion of kiddies arriving…lol We think she possibly had a bad experience as a young kitten before we got her. I love her to bits and she is quite entertaining. She loves to bat around the clear tops I get on bottled water and she also loves to sit in the lounge window and watch all the people and vehicles going past (we live on a busy road). I’ll likely post more about her in future but for now….here she is :)